About Lowkel

Think ‘farmer’s market’ meets ‘online shopping’. That’s Lowkel.

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Our mission is to connect communities and empower a culture of local, sustainable commerce.

We started with the belief that shopping local should be easy and available in one location. Find what you need locally, just as easy as you can find it from across the globe and via a jungle or similar.

We believe that vibrant local businesses build a more well-rounded community and society, one that is healthier and more sustainable.

We believe in making a better tomorrow, starting today.

All Of Your Favorite Local Stores -- Delivered

Order your everyday essentials from your favorite local stores and have them delivered same-day with Lowkel.

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    Supporting Local Communities

    Lowkel is here to help you support your community. By connecting local residents to their favorite, locally-owned stores, we can make a better neighborhood while supporting our local economy.

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    Shop Local From Home

    Search retailers in your neighborhood, to across town with features that let you search as near as 2.5 miles around you up to 25 miles. Find the variety that makes all aspects of our community unique.

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    Everything you need

    No matter what you need, we can deliver it. Home goods, electronics, grocery items, and more are all available on Lowkel. It’s never been easier to do all of your shopping from home.

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    Delivered Right to Your Door

    Our team of personal shoppers is here to help you. Be delighted and have all your local favorites right at your fingertips.


Our mission is to make supporting your local community easier than ever.

We offer contactless dropoff, online payment, and easy customer-team communication to make it easier than you could imagine. And with live order tracking, it’s easy for you to see how things are going with your delivery.

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But Lowkel How?

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What can I buy on Lowkel?

Just about anything that can be legally sold and delivered.  We are working on licensing to allow for us to deliver all types of goods, but this will take time and if you can help in any way - let us know!

How is Lowkel different from others?

We are different because we require all vendors to have a storefront, allow users the option to pick-up or buy their items from stores, and vet our partners to ensure they,like all of us, are in this together to succeed!

Can Merchants market on Lowkel for better exposure?

No, actually! Instead of making Lowkel “pay to play,” we prefer allowing companies that promote themselves through their platform activity, board section (*Coming Soon!), and our locational convenience...

How competitive are your prices?

Pretty competitive! And, we strive to be fair. With that in mind, we ask all merchants to charge rates that are equal to their in-store business, such that Lowkel is seen as an extension of our merchants’ offerings rather than a competitor asking merchants to undercut their own bottom line.

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