Demand for Alcohol delivery has significantly increased in the US, especially after the pandemic. In this article, we’ll give you some good hints to getting alcohol delivery right. We’ll discuss checking ID and other essentials to keep the process and individuals, safe and sound.

Here is the list of helpful hints when checking ID for Alcohol Delivery:

  • Do not rely entirely on a customer’s appearance or behavior when checking identification!

  • Some minor males may have beards and mustaches. Some may have bald or shaved heads. Some minor males are big, which may make them appear older.

  • Some minors act very confident and sure of themselves when attempting to purchase alcohol. Some minors will make direct eye contact with you while lying about their age.

  • Some minor females may wear makeup or clothing that makes them appear older.

  • However, keep in mind that some minors might appear nervous, may not make eye contact with you, may not have facial hair, or may have smooth, unlined faces.

  • Ask the customer to hand you the ID so you can closely examine it.

  • Look for signs that the ID has been tampered with. Some signs are irregular laminations; anything other than a smooth surface; bumpy or raised surfaces by the picture; cuts anywhere on the ID; changes to birth dates, expiration dates, or “minor until” dates.

  • Look at the printing type on the ID. Do all letters and numbers appear the same?

  • Compare the picture on the ID to the person before you. Do they look the same? Does the physical description on the ID match the person standing before you? (Remember that weight and hair may change, but height rarely will.)

  • Check the expiration date. If the ID has expired, it is unacceptable.

  • You may choose to check the ID of anyone who wants to purchase alcohol.

  • Look at the back of the ID. Oregon and most other states have printed information on the back.

  • Check for a signature. All Oregon driver’s licenses and ID cards have a place on them for the signature. Do not accept without a signature.

  • The new Oregon minor driver licenses and ID cards are vertical instead of horizontal clearly stated in red – “Minor” – until the month, day and year the person turns 21. If that date has not already come, do not sell alcohol to that person!

  • Without giving the person the ID, ask them some questions. Examples: What is your address? What is the zip code? Spell your middle name. What is your date of birth? Ask their age. Ask when they graduated from high school.

  • An important thing to remember is that minors come in all shapes and sizes. Think about it. Among a group of minors wanting alcohol, the one who looks the oldest is probably the one sent into the store to try to buy it. There are a lot of kids who will walk right into a store and not think twice about trying to illegally purchase alcohol, they simply do not act nervous.

  • You cannot tell by a person’s face, clothes, or behavior alone how old the person may be. Kids are clever and smart and will try many tactics to get you to sell them alcohol.

  • The law says if you’re not sure the customer is 21, refuse to sell alcohol to that person! Help eliminate the guesswork: Don’t sell unless you’re sure.

What do you do if the customer’s ID is invalid?

  • Contact the merchant through the chat in the app and let them know that you have a return due to an invalid customer ID.
  • Return merchandise to the merchant; If the merchant is unable to return an item, Contact us at 503-389-6437 or email us at we will have you drop it off at a Lowkel spot or will pick-up the order from you.
  • Submit a return incident note and receive payment for the return of the product.

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