We’re proud to help our local communities and create driving jobs right in our backyard. Driving for Lowkel is a great way to empower yourself, and there are plenty of awesome perks to the job. Here are just a few of our drivers’ favorite things about working with Lowkel!

Driver jobs in Portland

Make Your Own Schedule

That 6:30 AM alarm on your phone? Never again. With Lowkel, you can work whenever you want! You’ll get to make your own schedule and work only when it’s convenient for you. What’s not to love? 

Be Your Own Boss

The perks don’t stop at making your own schedule, either. With Lowkel, you’re truly the master of your own destiny. Our drivers don’t work for us — they work with us. From how much you work to what driving jobs you take, Lowkel empowers you to be your own boss. 

Driver jobs in Portland

Get Paid to Drive Your Car!

What more can we say? If you like to drive, you can get paid to spend time in your own car. Listen to podcasts, play music, whatever you want — all while getting paid. 

Find Local Hidden Gems

One of the best things about Lowkel is that you get to discover local businesses in your area. While working with Lowkel, you may find your next go-to restaurant or boutique. Because users can shop a wide variety of items on the platform, you’ll see the very best that your city has to offer, including restaurants, shops, artisans, and more. 

Support Local Businesses

Above anything else, our mission is to support local businesses. We believe in empowering small, community-minded entrepreneurs and giving them a platform to compete with large online retailers. By joining Lowkel, you’ll get to be part of that mission. You can help local businesses thrive and contribute to the ongoing “David vs. Goliath” fight! We can help local businesses compete in the constantly changing online marketplace with support from you. 

Improve Your Community

By helping small businesses, you’re improving your community’s local economy. This means more jobs, more opportunities, and more growth for your closest friends, family, and neighbors!

Make Great Money in Driving Jobs!

Look — we know. At the end of the day, a job needs to pay. And driving for Lowkel is a great way to earn great money. In fact, our top drivers can earn 50k per year (or more) just working with Lowkel. The sky’s the limit at Lowkel!

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