Things happened in 2020 and 2021! Let’s just say that. Buying plants, adopting pets, and amping your self-care routine went through the roof on the Richter scale for Covid activities with the added time to schedules. But if you are still languishing in the “I need to find the perfect Vitamin C oil for these wrinkles” or “I need some fixings for a “me” day” world, then look no further. And what better way to feel great than by supporting local brands with locally sourced ingredients. In this blog post, we got your skincare routine with these Portland-based skin and body care stores.

Many of the below-listed Local Skin & Body Care Stores are available on Lowkel for you to get a same-day or scheduled delivery.

Helen Rose SkinCare

Founder, Day Bib, not only runs Om Thrive Yoga, but she is the founder of Helen Rose Skincare Company. Helen Rose is designed to moisturize, heal and restore dry, damaged, and irritated skin while simultaneously addressing mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Her ingredients are always tied to the healing benefits they offer, including organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Babassu Oil. That is the number one focus with this unique Portland shop: healing. A portion of the profits from her skincare line also goes directly to Om Thrive’s mission to provide healing yoga practice to survivors of domestic violence. 

Available on Lowkel: Yes

Yo Soy Candle

If you need a positive daily affirmation in the wrappings of a small batch, hand-poured creamy, 100% kosher, and nontoxic fragrance blend, look no further than Yo Soy Candle. These candles pack a powerful punch with these fixings as well as their individualized “I AM” statements to inspire a positive mindset, healing, and transformation. The idea is to take your “I AM” candle, relax, breathing in and out while meditating on your “I AM” mantra. Repeat throughout your day and feel yourself basking in self-love.

Available on Lowkel: Yes

Molly Muriel

No synthetic perfumes or fragrance oils are found at Molly Muriel. Only pure essential oils are allowed for their scents. All soaps are also only colored with plant botanicals and clays. No unnatural food coloring or pigments to be found here too. Au natural is the ethos of this environmentally conscious shop. What do we think is super cool about MM? Well, their $15/month subscription boxes include 2 bars of soap handpicked by their team, shipped straight to your door. Nothing better than a little self-care delivered to your door!

Available on Lowkel: Yes

Primrose Apothecary

Primrose Apothecary is the holistic resource for healing through plant magic from scalp to spirit. They offer customized herbal and aromatic remedies to support individual health and wellness. Not only do they have an array of products like organic shampoo, conditioners, and elemental essence kits, but they also offer oracle readings and hair services. You can add life coaching and feng shui services to that list as well if you need help balancing the home and internal environment. Talk about a dreamy one-stop shop!

Available on Lowkel: Yes

Camamu Soap

Portland local husband and wife team are committed to their luxurious green and clean body care with Camamu soap. All of their products are 100% natural and handmade with love in small batches using artisanal techniques. If you want a unique experience, visit their brick and mortar when they open back up, located in a cool bright red barn on 1229 SE Nehalem.

Available on Lowkel: Yes

Delas Botanicals 

Delas Botanicals is owned and operated by two sisters living in Portland, Oregon. Their roll-on scent bottles are beautifully wrapped with golden hues emanating from their containers with smells of jasmines, rose, and tobacco. Make sure to check out their custom sessions offerings, where patrons can spend an hour of scent-making in the sister’s cozy studio. They will walk you through blending custom oils to find the fragrance that fits you and your needs.

Available on Lowkel: Yes

Healthy Roots Hemp

Healthy Roots Hemp is 100% Oregon and a proudly women-owned business that provides the best CBD products on the market. They provide hemp-derived full-spectrum hemp extract oil products to improve health, help ease aches/discomfort, and enhance day-to-day life. So what sets healthy roots apart from the rest of the CBD crowd? Their products taste better and are effective! All their products have preserved cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing the products to maintain a pleasant taste with their unique flavor profile. Their formulas also provide maximum health benefits with full-spectrum hemp extract oil and all other minor cannabinoids. Make sure to snag one of their starter kits if you are unsure where to begin but want to feel the benefits of CBD in skincare. 

Available on Lowkel: No

Wooly Beast Designs

Wooly Beast designs are a sweet collection of handmade goods co-created by Skylar and Trevor Bittinger from their Pacific Northwest studio in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. They specialize in soy wax candles, all-natural soaps, beard oils, unisex perfume oils, and men/women/kids/babies apparel. The candles, soap, beard oil, and perfume oils are crafted and poured by hand and made with 100% U.S. farm-sourced soy wax. Personally, we love their Natural Beard Oil because it smells oh so good, all while conditioning and making your beard appear shinier and fuller. 

Available on Lowkel: No

Essance Skin Care

Essance Skin Care Delivery

Essance Skin Care is a handcrafted organic, herbal, and vegan skincare company in Portland, Oregon. They believe that skin with natural plant-based products is as important as feeding your body healthy food!

Jasmine (Founder & Creator) learned the craft at an early age from her mother. She taught her the benefits and remedies of Chinese medicine. The power of plants holds powers like intrinsic and topical healing properties!

Essance Skin Care’s mission is to source fair trade, organic, and sustainable ingredients. All their products are free of artificial color, fragrance, and harmful sulfates and phthalates. It’s completely safe to buy from them, and they’re super affordable too.

Available on Lowkel: Yes

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