It’s no secret that Portland is home to one of the most diverse spirit distilling scenes in the country. From small-batch gin to aged whiskey and rum, Portland has some of the nation’s best-made spirits and liqueurs. But what you may not know is that many of Portland’s best distillers are available through Lowkel for easy, convenient home delivery. We all love a tasting room, but sometimes, you just want to enjoy fine spirits from the comfort of your own home. When that’s what you’re looking for, use Lowkel to imbibe Portland’s finest spirits. Below, we’ve listed a few of the distilleries now available on Lowkel. 

Aimsir Distilling

Owned and operated by husband/wife duo Steve and Christine Hopkins, Aimsir Distilling is a tribute to the Hopkins’ Irish heritage. Aimsir currently offers two spirits: Aitil Gin and Aimsir Bourbon. The distillers’ gin is at-home in both cocktails and when served neat, with aromatic juniper, fruit, and spice notes. Meanwhile, the bourbon can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails. It is also featured in Aimsir’s collaboration with Junior’s Roasted Coffee to make a delectable variation on their classic bourbon. 

Also on the menu at Aimsir, customers can enjoy a full selection of modern takes on classic Irish and English dishes. If you’re looking for an incredible meal with some fantastic spirits, this is the place for you.

New Deal Distillery

It’s no exaggeration to say that New Deal Distillery is a veteran in the Portland craft spirits industry. Since being founded in 2004, the distillery has expanded its product offerings to include a near-endless variety of options. These options include everything from good ol’ fashioned vodka to delicious takes on classic liqueurs. True cocktail lovers will indeed find something to love in New Deal Distillery. 

Rolling River Spirits

Rolling River Spirits is a Portland-based distillery proudly family-owned and uses only the freshest, highest quality ingredients in its products. Today, Rolling River Spirits offers a full selection of exciting takes on classic liquors. Fans of aquavit, Rolling River Spirits is the place for you. The Distillery offers several flavorful, exciting versions of this Scandinavian classic. Not to be overlooked, Rolling River Spirits also offers spicy vodkas, aged whiskey, and an award-winning coffee liqueur. 

Stone Barn Brandyworks

Founded by husband-and-wife team Steve and Christine Hopkins, Stone Barn Brandyworks is a Portland-based distillery specializing in fruit brandies. Having spent much of his childhood in Germany, Steve Hopkins has always had a connection to fruit brandy. He and Christine went on to open their distillery after falling in love with the city of Portland. Today, the distillery offers a wide variety of fruit brandies, each more exciting and flavorful than the last. Their lineup includes exotic offerings like Barrel-Aged Comice Pear Brandy and Oregon Tsipouro. Alongside their brandies, Stone Barn Brandyworks also has a full selection of impressive whiskies.

Bull Run Distillery

Lee Medoff founded Bull Run Distillery in 2010, having already spent well over a decade in the distilling industry. Bull Run Distillery was founded with a focus on dark, aged spirits. Today, The Distillery offers a wide variety of impressively crafted options. The current lineup includes several whiskies, vodka, aquavit, and other seasonal offerings. While Bull Run Distillery has a diverse selection of spirits, one thing binds them all together: a dedication to the craft. Spirits aficionados and whiskey lovers alike will indeed find something to love at this Portland distillery.

Westward Whiskey

For almost two decades, Westward Whiskey has been at the cutting edge of American Single Malt whiskey. this distillery produces some of the country’s highest-rated American Single Malts and is focused on quality, flavor, and craft,. Whether you’re a casual whiskey drinker or an experienced enthusiast, Westward surely has something you will love. With over half a dozen unique takes on American Single Malt whiskey, this distillery truly pushes the boundaries of what whiskey can become.

Get it All With Lowkel!

Before we go, one last piece of good news — Lowkel has partnered with all of these distilleries to bring their products to your doorstep! Get started with Lowkel today, and get Portland’s best spirits delivered!

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