We know that you drive with Lowkel because you value being in charge of your life and schedule. 

With our pre-scheduled deliveries, you can do just that. Know when you’re working, what you’re doing, and who you get to delight by accepting our pre-scheduled deliveries. 

To accept a pre-scheduled delivery: 

Open Lowkel and Go Online

You can’t start having fun without signing on. Click on your Lowkel app, and then click the green “Go Online” Button. 

Review Available Orders

Once you’re online, a list of available orders will become available to you. Scroll through the orders to review both your “Same-Day” and “Scheduled Deliveries.”

Select a Scheduled Delivery

Select a “Scheduled Delivery” to review the details of the order. If the order details are to your liking, scroll down and select the green “Accept Order” button.
Congrats! You’ve now committed and pre-scheduled a delivery. 

Prior to your delivery day: 

While everyone enjoys running their business differently, here are few tips we have to help you streamline and simplify your business operations: 

Mark Your Scheduled Deliveries in a Calendar

It’s important to follow through on your commitments. If you accept a delivery for several days from now, make sure to mark it down, such that you remember! It is absolutely vital to your success that you deliver the order as requested, even if you accepted it a few days prior. 

Time Batch Your Work Week

Pre-scheduling truly lets you be in charge of your life. Some of our drivers enjoy doing deliveries on specific days and only accepting deliveries that have requests for that day. By doing so, you’re minimizing transition time and making sure you always know what day you’re working. 

Expect the Unexpected 

If you decide to work multiple deliveries in a single day, do make sure to leave space for surprises and small bumps along the way. We strongly recommend giving yourself a buffer time of 15-30 minutes between the end of one delivery task and the beginning of the next. Stores can be tricky to navigate; there can be traffic – the list of reasonable reasons you’re unable to deliver on your committed time is endless. 

That said, we ask you to commit to the times and drive with Lowkel with the highest caliber of professional service. With that in mind, always allot more time than you think to complete any given task. The world is full of surprises – we strongly encourage you to plan for the unplanned.  

On the day of your delivery: 

When the big day arrives, prepare for this delivery like any other delivery.
A few tips from our long-time delivery pros:

  • Always have hot & cold food item bags ready. 
  • Leave extra time to park and navigate new stores/slow customer service representatives. 
  • Have several boxes to hold orders in your car (if handling more than delivery in a day). 
  • Pack snacks, hand sanitizer, and some feel-good tunes for a great day of delivery. 

And that’s it!
We can’t wait to see you on the road – Lowkel

May 31st, 2021 By lowkel  

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