Congrats on being part of our Shopper/Driver team! We’re thrilled to have you on the roads and in our community helping keep business local.

Types of Merchants:

We have 3 types of merchants that you will have to pick-up orders from. Their details are mentioned below:

  1. Lowkel Merchant: The merchant sells everything except the items that need age verification. They will prepare the order for you to pick-up. See how to deal with the order.
  2. Limited Merchant: These merchants sell Alcoholic beverages of any type meant for human consumption. They will prepare the items for you to pick up. See how to deal with the order. 
  3. Handsfree Merchant: The merchant sells everything except the items that need age verification. They will not prepare the items, the shopper will have to procure the items and do the delivery.

How to deal with the orders:

Lowkel Merchants – How to deal with their order:

After accepting an order:

  1. Check Your Notes and delivery. Read any notes left for you from your customers. Also, check the delivery time to know when to deliver the items so you can prepare accordingly.
    Please note: Once you accept an order, your order status automatically converts to: “Accepted” 
  1. Drive to Pick Up Point. Charge your status to “Started”, head to your first or only merchant. Feel free to use our in-app navigation map to drive efficiently and safely to the merchant.
  2. Reach Pick-Up Point. Once at the pick-up point/merchant, change your delivery status to: “Shopping.” This keeps your customer updated on the status of their order.
  3. Picked-up the items: When you’re done picking up the items, change the status to “Picked-up”. This will alert the customer that you will soon be on their way to deliver the order.
  4. Items Delivered: After the successful delivery, change the status to “Delivered” and give us a review about your experience by rating the merchant/store and customer. 

Limited Merchant – How to deal with their order:

If the order is from a Limited Merchant, the merchant will have your order ready but will need to verify to the merchant that you’re over 21 years of age through your ID.

After Accepting Order:

  1. The order will be dealt the same as Lowkel Merchants orders.
  2. At the time of delivery, you will have to check the receiver’s ID and confirm if he/she is 21 or above years old.
  3. Take the signature of the receiver on the token and keep it safe with you.
    • Pick-up the order. 
    • Show Proof of ID. 
    • Attach the receipt to the order. 
    • Head back to your delivery vehicle.

Handsfree Merchant – How to deal with their order: :

These deliveries can only be done by Above the Law Drivers and they will get a credit card from Lowkel.

And if the order’s from a Hands-Free Merchant
, that means you get to do the shopping yourself! Please use the following steps to shop efficiently and professional: 

  1. Review. Before entering the store, review the order so you have a sense of what you’re looking for. 
  2. Shop. Head into the story and shop!  Move through the store and procure the items contained in the order.
  3. Find Items. Each time you find an item: 
    • Add the correct request quantity of the item to your basket.
    • Click the item in the order: 
      • Select “Mark as Found”
      • Enter the Quantity Found
        • If the full quantity requested by the customer is not available, follow steps below for “item requested is not available” for the remainder of the quantity. 
      • If an item requested is not available, see if a substitute option is offered by the customer.
      • If there is a substitute, add and mark the quantity of the substitute.
      • If no substitute is offered by the customer, Select “Mark as not found”
  4. Check Out. Once you have procured all items in the delivery: 
    1. If your order involves more than one merchant, repeat steps A-E at the next merchant.
    2. If your order involves a single merchant, it’s time to deliver your goods.
  5. Finish Shopping. Before you depart for the drop off location, change your order status to: “Picked Up”

Please note that it is your responsibility to review the items in the order and to confirm that all items listed in the Lowkel order on the app are represented on the receipt and physically present in the order itself. 

Once you have checked out or acquired the order, the contents of the order are your responsibility, until the order is delivered. This means any item that is tampered with or goes missing becomes a driver-related issue without documentation proving otherwise. 

Tampering with any items will result in expulsion from the platform and potentially criminal charges.

  1. Drive to the Deliveryto Delivery Spot. Now, it’s time to deliver your order. Using our app’s navigation or another navigation app, drive to the drop off spot.
  2. Deliver Your Order. Follow your order’s delivery instructions to deliver the order as fits the customer’s description.
    •  If Your Customer Requests “Leave at Door”: As instructed, leave the delivery at the door for contactless delivery. 
      • Please remember to take a photo of the delivery and upload it to your order. This ensures that Lowkel can stand behind your service should anything go wrong. 
    • After your item is delivered, change your order status to “Delivered.”
  3. Rate Your Order. Once the order is complete, please fill out a rating for the store and the customer. This helps keep us informed and responsive to the various demands of Shopping Lowkel.

To change your order’s delivery, select the “Change Status” button on the delivery detail page and select the correct status.

Congrats! You’ve completed your first delivery. We wish you much success in your Lowkel journey.

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