You already know that buying local can be better for you, your community, and the environment.

That said, Shopping Local may also be safer.

From trustworthy sources to more responsive customer service, local shopping is safer shopping.

When you buy from local retailers, you’re buying from businesses you know and trust.

Local Business Owners are more responsible:

Local business owners are public figures in the community. They tend to show more responsibility for the products they purchase and sell. They also have a personal reputation at stake to provide safe goods and services.

Similarly, local food comes from regional sources, shortening your order’s travel time and decreasing its environmental impact. In addition, when you buy locally, you support farmers whose practices you trust.

Lowkel believes in championing an inclusive platform for small local brick-and-mortars.  We believe in supporting merchants who care about their products and customers. We’re offering products whose origins and manufacturers we trust by promoting local products.

Buy Local & Support Community:

Local commerce relies on trusted relationships between manufacturers and merchants. Buying local supports your community and draws upon these long-term face-to-face relationships.

This results in high-quality goods delivered to and offered by local merchants. The guarantee of a quality good elevates your shopping experience and keeps you safe.

Why Choose Lowkel for Online Local Buying?

While local artisanal goods may not have gone through federal regulations, we believe in keeping a safe and responsible product marketplace. If you encounter an unsafe item on Lowkel, let us know. We believe in keeping our community safe.

We ask our merchants to stand by each good they offer and take every complaint seriously. We believe in local, responsible commerce. 

Shopping locally also reduces carbon emissions. By shopping green, you’re also safeguarding our environment. While it’s on a more macro level, local shopping protects our planet and our health. We thank you for keeping the earth safe and promise to do the same for you.

Lowkel is the online marketplace alternative. Instead of nameless brands and shady practices, we’re built on trust and community.

We take pride in showcasing the strengths of local commerce. By reducing travel time, emissions, and links in the supply chain, we offer you a safer product and shopping experience. Enjoy goods that our merchants stand behind that are safe for you and good for the environment. Join our local shopping revolution.

Enjoy various goods, speedy delivery times, and support your community. Shop safely and ethically with Lowkel.

Download our apps from the links below:

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Google Playstore: Lowkel – Shop Local – Support Small Business – Apps on Google Play

June 1st, 2021 By lowkel  

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