Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps in bringing your business to the digital marketplace. With any new endeavor, though, there are some “need to know” pieces of information. 

On Lowkel, our merchants are categorized into three distinct types. 

Those categories are Lowkel Merchant, Limited Merchant, and Hands-Free Merchant. On this page, you’ll find information about these three types of merchants, so that you can better understand how to grow your business with Lowkel.

Lowkel Merchant

Most of our partners will qualify to be in this category. To be a Lowkel Merchant, you must have a physical address and be a locally registered business. You must sell products that you have in inventory. 

All orders will be paid directly to Merchant’s accounts minus commission fees to cover the credit card and platform processing fees.

Limited Merchants

Many stores and distilleries that sell alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, spirits, or other such items may find themselves in this category. If you sell any of the following items, you qualify to be a Limited Merchant:

  • Alcoholic beverages of any type meant for human consumption
  • Items that require some age verification for purchasing
  • Items that require additional, non-standard taxes
  • Things that carry any legally enforced payment restrictions under state or federal law

*Limited Merchants will also have their payment transmitted electronically, following all state or federal laws without any reduction in fees, and they will receive 100% of the sale. Limited merchants are invoiced a service fee monthly based on their sales.

Hands-Free Merchants

The last type of merchant partnership we have is a Hands-Free Merchant. Hands-Free Merchants may not sell any alcohol or other strictly regulated product. As a Hands-Free Merchant, you will not need to add your payment details to your account.

Hands-Free Merchants will not prepare items for customers’ orders. Instead, a Lowkel shopper will manually collect the items from your store shelves and pay in-store with a credit card.

Products will be marked up on the platform for these store types and their respective products to account for our additional shopping time and payment processing fees. Our current mark-up is 10% to account for these extra costs.

April 22nd, 2021 By lowkel  

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