Congratulations! You’ve taken your business into the world of online retailing. That’s a big step, and you’re going to tap into an entirely new market. But, it’s essential to approach online retailing strategically. One of the most important ways to do that is by featuring high-quality photos of your products. Great photos will translate directly to more sales.

Product Photography Increases Trust

One study from online retail giant eBay showed that images ultimately help conversion. In the study, eBay found that images “help increase buyer‘s attention, trust, and conversion rates.” Listings that had just one image had double the conversion rate of listings with none! When sellers added a second image, the conversion rate doubled again. This study showed that as there were more images on a post, the likelihood of a sale continued to increase.

Furthermore, larger and higher-quality images performed even better, suggesting that consumers like to see details of the product they are going to buy. Offering multiple views of the same product increased the seller’s conversion rate by up to 65%!

Consumers CAN Tell the Difference!

Not all pictures are the same. A low-resolution image with poor contrast and color saturation will not help you as much as a bright, crisp image. Cornell even did a study on this exact phenomenon!

In the study, researchers determined that their backgrounds should properly frame images and not zoomed in too much. Test subjects also found images with high contrast and brightness to be more appealing.

As customers scroll through items while they shop, they will pick up all of these small details. These types of things can set you apart from the competition — for better or for worse!

Our Favorite Tips

So, now that we’ve established the importance of high-quality product photography, it’s time to get some tips and tricks

– The More Professional, The Better

Although it may take some investment, hiring a professional photographer to capture images of your product is sure to pay dividends. We suggest setting aside a day or two to get all of your current inventory photographed. Professional pictures like these will set you apart from the pack every time. Even if you can’t hire a professional photographer, there are some things you can do to elevate your product photos.

– Provide Plenty of Photos!

Be sure to include lots of different angles and detail shots. If the packaging is attractive, we suggest having photos of that. You want to include as many photos as possible to make the consumer fully understand the product. Remember — the more images you provide, the more trust you build!

– Include Photos of All Colorways and Functions!

If an item is available in multiple colors, you should include photos of each option available. Likewise, if your product has unique features or can be configured in different ways, include pictures of those options as well.

Remember — More and Better!

As a general rule, the more high-quality pictures you can attach to your listing, the better! Product photography provides an excellent way to set yourself apart from the pack. Be sure to keep all of these tips and tricks in mind next time you put a product up in your Lowkel store.

April 21st, 2021 By lowkel  

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