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For Freelancers

What’s the process for becoming an approved
Lowkel Driver?

We’re excited you want to drive with us. Before we can begin working together you must pass a Lowkel Background Check and Motor Vehicle Record Check.

The charge for a background check with Lowkel is $35. Once you pass and successfully complete 10 jobs with Lowkel, we’ll reimburse you the Background Check Fee. If you do not pass a background check or do not stay a part of the team for your first ten jobs, we cannot reimburse you the fee of our background check.

Most background checks usually take less than three business days, however if you have moved frequently, it sometimes takes a few extra days to review all your records. Additionally, applicants with a residential history in California and Massachusetts may experience slightly long wait times, as average court turnaround time tends to be higher.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with the procedures we use to certify the quality of our work and the safety of our entire team.

We are excited to welcome you to the team as an independent contractor. As a result, you get to keep 80% of every project fee you take on. In exchange for being a facilitator of the contract and to cover expenses regarding customer service, job acquisition, billing, marketing, and overhead, Lowkel charges 20% of the job to keep more jobs coming to you.

Unfortunately not. As per the industry standard, we are billing our customer from the start of the project at the pick-up point to the project’s end at its final delivery destination.

Well, depends on who you ask! At Lowkel we welcome sedans, trucks, vans, and box trucks. In comparison to other delivery services, we are working hard to make our driving partners feel seen, respected, and supported - to wit, like partners!

We’re proud to offer our drivers a higher pay rate and a greater amount of corporate support in getting the job done right and dealing with customers.

Lastly, we are different because we’re watching out for you, truly. To ensure your personal safety and well-being, we are pleased to offer you a Lowkel Credit of $15.00 to supplement any upstart costs or safety items necessary for the launch of your career.

We care about the environment, community, society, and want partners that will incorporate these beliefs. We truly believe that together, we’ll build something great.

We do not require volunteering at the moment, but we are highly considering it. We want people committed to doing better for others. We believe that members of the community could volunteer time to their own causes, or pick up some good deeds along the way from helping a neighbor who’s bike broke down, helping a local band get their instruments to a venue, or picking up and delivering donations for others. These items again, not required, but we will be building features to promote and provide volunteer logs for these good deeds.

For your own safety and that of our team members, we request that you minimize all driving distractions when you’re driving for Lowkel. We ask that you drive alone, unless you are transporting a Lowkel employee or vetted Lowkel contractor as part of the project.

In addition, all drivers must use a hand-free device or Bluetooth technology if they are operating a mobile phone while driving. Otherwise, we ask that you do not operate your mobile phone while your vehicle is moving. Lastly, drivers are not permitted to use headphones while driving. We thank you for practicing safe driving habits as part of the Lowkel Team.

For all orders requiring ID verification show proof of your age and identity, and pick up the order.

To verify the customer’s age please only accept the following Unexpired, Unaltered Forms of Identification:

  • US Driver’s License
  • US State-Identification Card (ID Card Must Include: Photo, Name, Date of Birth, and Physical Description)
  • ID Card Issued By a Federally Recognized Native American Tribe (ID Card Must Include: Photo, Name, Date of Birth, and Physical Description
  • Passport or Passport Card
  • Passport or Passport Card
  • NEXUS or SENTRI Card

The following types of ID are Not Acceptable:

  • Green Card
  • FAST Card
  • Prison ID Card
  • Gun or Firearms Permit
  • IDNYC Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Pilot’s License
  • Veteran Health Insurance Card
  • Student ID Card

Also always receive their signature

You will get an opportunity to accept the project, and if you accept a project and then cancel or fail to complete the project, Lowkel at its discretion may impose the following penalties:

  • Temporary suspension of your Lowkel account
  • Monetary fees up to $75.00
  • Permanent deactivation of your Lowkel account

Please Note: Your first cancellation will be free. After that, each cancellation will incur a $15 fine. If you fail to show up to a delivery, you will be charged a $75 fine.

You can learn more about Our Driver Cancellation Policy here.

In order to be a Lowkel Now Driver, you must meet the following criteria:

Criminal Record

  • No felonies or violent misdemeanors in the past seven years. Felonies older than 7 years will be considered on a case by case basis.

Driving Record

  • Must have an in-state driver’s license for your state of residence.
    • Active Duty Military are exempt from the in-state license requirement, but will be asked to provide a proof of service. No other exceptions.
  • No driving-related convictions for hit-and-run, speeding over 100mph, reckless driving, street racing, or other speed contests.
  • No DUI, felony, or drug-related driving violations within the last seven years.
  • No violations within the last three years, for driving on a suspended, revoked, or invalid, license or insurance.
  • If you’re 18-21, you are ineligible if you have any infractions or violations.
  • If you’re between 21 and 23, you’re ineligible if you have more than three minor violations in the past three years. Minor violations include accidents, traffic light violations, speeding, or other moving violations.

If your driving record does not meet the following criteria, we suggest that you do not move forward with your Lowkel application or your background check. Please note that your $35 background check fee is non-refundable, regardless of outcome.

To learn more about Lowkel Background Check Process, please click here.

Great Question. Check out our Vehicle Qualification Guidelines for more details.

Whenever you purchase or renew your insurance policy, you’re provided with a small paper card that contains all your vital details. It’s often referred to as an Insurance Identification Card or a Binder.

Your proof of insurance contains the following information:

  • Insured’s Name & Address
  • Vehicle Make & Year
  • Policy Renewal Dates
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Insurance Company Phone Number

Please make sure you review your proof of insurance before submitting it to Lowkel. We cannot accept proof of insurances where:

  • The applicant is not listed as the insured driver
  • The insurance card is expired
  • The insurance card is for the wrong vehicle
  • The insurance card is out-of-state
  • The “insurance card” is actually a receipt for the purchase of insurance, rather than the card
  • The image is fuzzy or unreadable

Please note, in many states, you are required to carry your proof of insurance in the vehicle. If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen your insurance card, check your vehicle. It may be in the glove box. If you still can’t find it, feel free to contact your insurance company. Most companies will be able to provide you a replacement insurance card, either via email, mail, or their website.

Every state requires, by law, for you to register your vehicle with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Your vehicle registration connects you to your vehicle as its rightful owner.

When you’ve moved to a new state or purchase a new vehicle, you’re often given a short window in which to register your vehicle. The deadline varies from state to state, but often ranges from 10 to 30 days upon moving or purchasing a new car.

The first time you register your vehicle, you will receive a license place and a registration card. When you renew your registration, you often will receive an updated registration card and a sticker.

Your registration card usually includes the following rmation:

  • Vehicle Owner’s Name & Address
  • Vehicle Make & Year
  • Registration Renewal Dates
  • State Name & Seal

Please review your registration carefully before submitting it to Lowkel. We cannot accept:

  • Temporary Registrations
  • Expired Registrations
  • Registrations where the applicant is not listed
  • Registrations for the wrong vehicle
  • Out-of-State Registrations
  • Registration Receipts, rather than the document
  • Fuzzy/Unreadable Images

If you have a temporary registration, we ask that you wait until the final document arrives.

If you are not listed on the registration, we require one piece of documentation certifying that you have permission to use the vehicle on our platform. We request that the document be notarized on the personal or official company letterhead of the person whose name is on the registration.

Many states require the registration to be in the vehicle at all times. If you can’t find your registration card, we suggest checking your glovebox. If you still can’t find the document, you will need to request a replacement from your state’s DMV.

At the end of the fiscal year, all delivery professionals who have earned more than $600 will receive a 1099-K from Lowkel. To generate this document, when you begin your career with Lowkel, we ask you to fill out a W-9.

Click here to request your W-9.

To fill out a W-9 for Lowkel, follow the instructions below:

  • Enter your name.
    a) Even if you have a business entity (Line 2), still enter your name.
  • If you have a business entity for your business, enter it here. If not, skip.
    a) Do not enter Lowkel on this line.
  • Check the Box: “Individual/Sole Proprietor or Single-Member LLC”
  • Skip Line 4: Leave Blank
  • Enter Your Address
  • Enter Your City, State, and ZIP
  • Skip Line 7: Leave Blank
  • Part 1: Enter your Social Security Number
    a) If you have an Employer Identification Number, add that as well.
  • Part 2: Sign & Date the Form

Please review your W-9 carefully. We cannot accept W-9s in which:

  • The form is filled out incorrectly
  • The form is blank (Adobe Reader may not save your inputs!)
  • The form is unsigned or lacking a date
  • The form is fuzzy/unreadable

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