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What is Lowkel?

We're a local on-demand marketplace where you can order and have items delivered same-day. We’re a Company who cares as much about sustainability and our local community as our bottom line. Which means, we have and always will prioritize local companies over conglomerates on our platform. It’s just who we are.

Just about anything that can be legally sold and delivered. We are working on licensing to allow for us to deliver all types of goods, but this will take time and if you can help in any way - send us a message!

We are different than many marketplaces because we require a storefront, allow users the option to pick-up or buy their items from stores, and vet our partners to ensure they are like all of us, in this together to succeed! Read More

No, actually! Instead of making Lowkel “pay to play,” we prefer allowing companies that promote themselves through their platform activity, board section that is coming out, and our locational convenience algorithm to rise to the top. Instead of preferential treatment, we strive to provide you with the merchants who are most active and close at hand.

Pretty competitive! And, we also strive to be fair. With that in mind, we ask all merchants to charge rates that are equal to their in-store business, such that Lowkel is seen as an extension of our merchants’ offerings rather than a competitor asking merchants to undercut their own bottom line. So, while we can’t always offer you the lowest price, we’re offering you the price, set by our merchant, that is best for their sustainable, long-term financial health.

We believe the power of local is a combination of price, service, and quality and our goal is to honor our merchants and provide you with the ratings, comparisons, and factors to help your shopping experience be the best it can be.

We’re always open to feedback and we’re grateful for all you do to help support and improve our local community and business ecosystem.

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