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Search our wide array of retailers and their products, and find your online needs locally. Whatever your shopping needs, we have a local retailer to meet your product wants (or need your help in adding). We're here for shopping our local community first.


The Lowkel Mission

Connect you with the best local bricks and mortars, so you can shop locally from the comfort of your home. Forget about running around town and searching through big box stores. Now it's easier than ever to support your own community with Lowkel.

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With backup options and
contactless delivery, we’re proud
to offer services that shine.

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The Lowkel Promise

  • icon-1A Commitment to Sustainable, Diverse, and Local Businesses
  • icon-2Keeping it real and keeping it local
  • icon-2In-App Communication and item adjustments
  • icon-2Always-Honest Pricing: All Prices are In-Store Prices
  • icon-3Live Order Tracking
  • icon-5In-App Billing & Payment Features

The Fine Print

Read below to fully understand how
Lowkel works.

Charges & Fees

All Lowkel Charges and Fees are non-refundable.

Estimated Quote

We offer you an initial quote based on the information provided (estimated time and distance, base vehicle fee, service fees/surcharges).

Multiple Offers

If no available team member accepts your initial quote, you will be able to review additional offers from local delivery pros willing to do the work for an alternate price or later time.

Dynamic Pricing

Any quote may be altered if the service requested takes additional time due to unforeseen circumstances or a job request change.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a shopping delivery after matching with a Lowkel Shopper prior to pick-up, a fee will be charged for your canceled delivery.

Right to Decline

We, our freelancers and/or merchants, and/or Lowkel retain the right to decline any job due to unreasonable shopping expectations, unsafe delivery conditions, bad behavior by our customers, and/or any other sensible reason. Charges for services rendered and cancellation still apply.

But Lowkel How?

Got questions? We’ve got answers.
Contact Us if you’re still curious, intrigued, or just can’t wait to get started.

What can I buy on Lowkel?

Just about anything that can be legally sold and delivered; however, there are some products and businesses that we can't provide at the moment. We are working on licensing to allow for us to deliver all types of goods, but this will take time and if you can help in any way - let us know!

How is Lowkel different from others?

We are different because we require all vendors to have a storefront and be locally-owned and operated. We also allow users the option to pick-up or buy their items from stores and vet our partners to ensure they, like all of us, are in this together to succeed!

Can Merchants market on Lowkel for better exposure?

No, we are keeping an organic nature to exposure at the moment and will work to market collectively with our partner Merchants.

How competitive are your prices?

We ask all merchants to charge rates that are equal to their in-store business, such that Lowkel is seen as an extension of our merchants' offerings rather than a competitor asking merchants to undercut their own bottom line.

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