Vehicle Qualification Guidelines

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Vehicle Type

Lowkel is proud to offer openings for our courier fleet. We are accepting all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to vans to trucks and box trucks.


The Courier Fleet

All vehicles registered are considered Courier Vehicles. Courier Vehicles are eligible to deliver standard orders and deliveries.

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Vehicle Restrictions

Below are restrictions or conditions that might affect your vehicle's eligibility as a Lowkel Vehicle.

After-Market Accessories

While most after-market accessories will not disqualify your vehicle from the Lowkel platform, if the modification to your vehicle impacts the cargo space or shortens the bed-length, you may be asked to reclassify your vehicle to a Courier Vehicle.

If you have a hard cap on your pick-up truck, you may still be a Lowkel Pick-Up Vehicle. That said, please read descriptions carefully and do not accept any projects that would not fit in your truck bed. After the first mis-acceptance, Lowkel will have to charge a fine of $15 for any canceled projects

Registration and Insurance

All Lowkel vehicles must be registered and insured within Oregon or the respective home state that you reside in.

Salvage Titles

Unfortunately, Lowkel cannot work with any vehicle with a salvage title. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Vehicle Age

Vehicles must be 15 years old or newer. This is an insurance requirement of the Lowkel platform. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions, even for meticulously maintained vehicles.

Vehicle Inspection

All vehicles must pass a vehicle inspection. This is an insurance requirement of Lowkel's platform. No exceptions. Once you're accepted to the Lowkel Team, we'll send you detailed instructions for your Lowkel Inspection, which can be completed by a local service station or through a short video.

We need to see that essential features such as vehicle lights, steering, brakes, horns, seat belts, and windshield wipers are all in working order. Vehicles with bald tires or body damage may be asked to resolve these issues before being approved.


Inspection Report Form

This Vehicle Pre-Delivery Inspection is for vehicle inspections and safety checks.

Download this form and upload it while signing up with the App

Vehicle Inspection for New Vehicles

If your vehicle has a model year that is current or newer than the current calendar year (i.e., in 2020, or 2021 vehicle), please alert us. You will go through a simplified inspection process, in which you will provide us images of the front, side, and backs of the vehicles for more information. Visit Our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

But Lowkel How?

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What can I buy on Lowkel?

Just about anything that can be legally sold and delivered.  We are working on licensing to allow for us to deliver all types of goods, but this will take time and if you can help in any way - let us know!

How is Lowkel different from others?

We are different because we require all vendors to have a storefront, allow users the option to pick-up or buy their items from stores, and vet our partners to ensure they,like all of us, are in this together to succeed!

Can Merchants market on Lowkel for better exposure?

No, actually! Instead of making Lowkel “pay to play,” we prefer allowing companies that promote themselves through their platform activity, board section (*Coming Soon!), and our locational convenience...

How competitive are your prices?

Pretty competitive! And, we strive to be fair. With that in mind, we ask all merchants to charge rates that are equal to their in-store business, such that Lowkel is seen as an extension of our merchants’ offerings rather than a competitor asking merchants to undercut their own bottom line.

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